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Calendaring (0.4)

by Ihor Berehulyak last modified 2009-02-17
Released on 2008-02-14 by Enfold Systems for Plone 2.5, Plone 3.0 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
Calendaring is a simple calendar implementation for CMF/Plone. Have you ever wanted to create a specific view of your Calendar? Say all of your appointments over the next 3 weeks not including weekends? Typically calendaring implementations make this painful -- this product's intent was to make it as simple as possible. Has been used in many production environments. iCal (OSX Calendaring Application) works really well with Calendaring. Outlook works well but requires extra steps from the end user perspective.


  • Import/Export of iCal events
  • Hooks PUT_Factory so you can put events with DAV/FTP.
    • NOTE: This works very well with Publishing feature with OSX's iCal application.
    • calendar_export is subscribable from iCal
  • Reliably exports events for KOrganizer, iCal and Outlook
  • Provide a extensive framework to create your own Calendar Views. Ships with a Month, Week and Day view.
  • There is a proper Calendar object which can store Events.
  • Over 80 unit tests that cover almost all of the functionality REQUIRES: ZopeTestCase from


  • Python2.3.4 or greater
  • Zope 2.7.2 or greater
  • CMF1.4.3 or greater
  • Archetypes 1.3.0 rc2 or greater
  • Plone 2.0.4 or greater
  • ATContentTypes 0.2.0-rc1+ It's possible to do a 'portal_calendar.setMapping(cmf) to use it with CMF
  • DateUtil 0.5 or better
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Avatar Posted by Anonymous Coward at 2007-10-25

...where can one get DateUtil 0.5 or greater these days?


Avatar Posted by Steph at 2009-08-07
I can't find it either, someone please help???

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