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CMFQuestionnaire (0.7)

by Ihor Berehulyak last modified 2009-03-17
Released on 2009-03-13 by H. Turgut Uyar for Plone 3.0 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: development
CMFQuestionnaire is an Archetypes-based questionnaire system for Zope/Plone.
This is the last one in a line of releases that has been used without problems at the Istanbul Technical University Computer Engineering Department for over a year.

CMFQuestionnaire is an Archetypes-based questionnaire system for Zope/Plone. Its main features are:

  • user-based or anonymous submissions (through a ticket system)
  • pdf report creation with bar and pie charts for each question
  • internationalization (currently English and Turkish)
  • creates only 1 portal type for the questionnaire which is internally represented as an XML document
  • only radio-button style questions are supported for now (on a scale of 1 to a maximum)


  • add a questionnaire like any other content type
  • go to design tab
  • add a group:
    • enter the title of the group
    • enter the scale of the group (the options will be numbered from 1 to this value)
    • enter the legend to explain the options (put one option on each line, starting with the option for 1)
    • optionally, enter a description for the group
    • add / remove questions to the group
  • repeat for other groups if you have more
  • if you are using tickets, go to the tickets tab and create as many tickets as you like (multiples of 15 are recommended, since they can be printed out on a page)
    • note: the number of tickets displayed are always a multiple of 3, so you may not be able to see the last 1 or 2 tickets
  • publish the questionnaire
  • go to the Zope Management Interface, the Security tab and check the permissions on who can add, edit, fill-out and view the results of the questionnaire
  • go to the evaluate tab and see the results or get a PDF report
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