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by Ihor Berehulyak last modified 2010-08-26
Released on 2010-08-23 by Raphael Ritz for Plone 3.0 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
CMFBibliographyAT enables the handling of references to various types of publications as they are used mainly in the context of scientific publications. In order to allow for interoperability with other applications that support reference handling, the information within individual references is highly structured. The concrete schema used depends on the kind of publication one wants to make reference to, so there is a variety of different reference types to choose from. The overall schema design follows closely BibTeX's approach, a very flexible and powerfull reference management system that comes with LaTeX.

CMFBibliographyAT is the Archetypes based version of CMFBibliograhy. It enables handling of references to (scientific) publications in Plone. It provides a 'Bibliography Folder' content type dedicated to holding reference objects of various kinds, like for 'articles', 'books', 'preprints', 'techreports', contributions to collections, ... The folder supports import/export of BibTeX formated files.

In addition the package adds a 'bibliography' action to the portal tabs and it provides a BibliographyTool called 'portal_bibliography' through which you can manage the renderers and parsers for the import/export functionality.

What it does

CMFBibliography provides various new content types:

  • Bibliography Entries: Highly structured content objects to hold bibliographic data referencing a publication. The schema is derived from BibTeX (LaTeX's bibliography handling modul).
  • Bibliography Folder: Enhanced 'Skinned Folder' with some import/import functionality (available through the 'import' tab).

Allowed content types are restricted to reference types. Currently supported import formats are 'BibTeX' and 'Medline'. Check out the accompanying files in 'import_samples' to see this in action. Currently supported export formats: BibTeX (but see below) Under the folder's 'defaults' tab you can (i) specify default links for authors of references with the folder and (ii) define a ranking for the references within the folder. Through the ranking it is possible to control which references will be returned when "asking" the folder for its 'Top(n)' references (see the bibliography folder's source code for more).
In addition CMFBibliographyAT adds two field indexes ('Authors' and 'publication_year') and three meta data fields ('Authors', 'publication_year', and 'Source') to the portal catalog (if not present) to provide the 'bibliography' action which is added to the portal tabs (if you don't want this, go to 'portal_bibliography > Actions' and tick off its visibility).

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