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Products.ATVocabularyManager (1.6.1)

by Ihor Berehulyak last modified 2011-05-02
Released on 2011-05-02 by Jens Klein for Plone 3.0, Zope 2.10 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
AT Vocabulary Manager is a central pluggable vocabulary library for use with Archetypes based products, CMFMetadata and other Products. It supports flat, hierachical and VDEX based vocabularies.
  • ATVocabularyManager offers central through the Plone management of dynamic vocabularies.
  • This product is based on Archetypes and made to work with Archetypes as well as with other Products. It is intended use is within Archetypes Fields. Using it as a vocabulary provider for CMFMetadata worked out fine too. Integration with different other products will work as well.
  • to use a managed vocabulary simply add the term 'vocabulary = NamedVocabulary("myvocabulary")' to the fields of your Archetypes Schema, import NamedVocabulary from this Product and create your vocabulary with id myvocabulary in 'portal_vocabularies' tool (available through Plone Site-Setup).
  • ATVocabularyManager supports:
    • simple flat key - value vocabularies,
    • tree like hierachical vocabularies (see Limitations),
    • IMS Vocabulary Definition Exchange Format (VDEX) aware vocabularies with XML Import and Export. VDEX is i18n-aware by its nature and does not need LinguaPlone!
  • Vocabularies are pluggable types. ATVocabularyManager is prepared for extension with your special vocabulary type. ArchGenXML will help you here.
  • Each vocabulary term needs to be an CMF aware content type. Reuse normal rich content as a vocabularies.
  • ArchGenXML 1.4+ code-generator does full integration of ATVocabularyManager: via tagged value defined named vocabularies are registered transparently, VDEX-XML files are imported at install-time, stub vocabularies are created at install time and custom types are registered by just providing appropriate stereotypes.
  • ATVM is Linguaplone compatible (only tested with SimpleVocabulary, and TreeVocabulary) Add a simple vocabulary with some items, install and configure Linguaplone, translate the vocabulary to the language(s) of your choice, translate every item to the language(s) of your choice. NamedVocabulary() will return the vocabulary as usual, the keys will stay the same disregarding language settings, the values will show in the currently selected language. VDEX vocabularies are not using LinguaPlone, but are i18n-aware (imo much better than everything else).
  • you can do hierachy-aware searches on treevocabularies (for more information on this see doc/search_treevocabulary.txt) attention: curently certain changes in the term hierachy require a catalog rebuild (see Limitations)
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