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Portlet products for Plone

by chervol last modified 2010-04-21
category: Plone products
List of the ready for use Portlet products for Plone.

The following are different additional portlets that can be used on Plone websites apart from the Plone default.

Visit Portlet Products for Plone page to see the rating list of Plone products used for creating advanced portlets in Plone.

Plone product TAL Portlet (1.0) last release: 2008/11/24 17:00:00 US/Eastern, review updated: 2009-07-23 05:24:25
A simple portlet that renders the results of a TAL template.
Plone product (1.0) by Blue Dynamics, last release: 2008/08/04 17:00:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2009-07-23 05:23:57
A Plone 3 style portlet to show skype contacts with an status icon. By default skype names are fetched from the user-profiles of available users.
Plone product collective.portlet.postit (1.0) last release: 2008/02/02, review updated: 2009-07-23 05:19:59
Post-It portlet and content type for Plone 3.
Plone product Generic HTML portlet (0.1) by Quintagroup, last release: 2009/05/25 05:45:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2009-07-23 05:15:09
Static portlet without HTML filtering.
Plone product ely.portlets.image (0.5) last release: 2009/07/23 05:10:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2009-07-23 05:13:22
A portlet for attaching and linking a single image
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