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Zope Ultimate Bulletin Board (0.8.0)

by cms last modified 2008-12-17
Released on 2008-12-12 by Blue Wild Fire for Zope 2 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
ZUBB is a threaded discussion board based on ZDiscussion and UBB (Ultimate Bulletin Board). It is written in DTML as a Python / ZClass based product and does not currently work with Plone.
Current Features
  • Threaded discussions built off of ZDiscussions and dtml-tree
  • Basic CMF integration for name/email (0.8.0)
  • Anonymous posting with name, email, subject, body
  • Preview post feature
  • Basic smiley and support for UBB [pre] [/pre] tags
  • Posting of images and URLs with icons representation
  • Integrated search engine on message body and author
  • Cookies to remember username and email for non CMF
  • Instructions for posting & searching
  • 'New Posts' listing of new posts to board with sorting on title, author and date.
  • Color change to new posts on that day
  • Automatic 'archiving' of old posts (browsable and searchable)
  • Can delete any post as a logged-in manager with delete permissions from three views
  • A message count, and last post (Thanks to Jeffrey Harris)
  • Email, folder, post, "no text, url and image icons
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