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zForum (1.1.0.Preview)

by cms last modified 2008-12-31
Released on 2008-12-31 by Rob Oliver for Plone 2.1 under Zope Public License (ZPL) available for All platforms.
Software development stage: development
zForum is a feature-rich message board system, XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.0 standards compliant with a clean, pleasant user interface, front-end (UI) done entirely in Zope Page Templates, secured with a SQL back-end. All SQL method are protected and only accessible through the zForum API, all the core back-end is done in the python engine (class), providing full separation between logic and presentation.

zForum supports Private Messaging, Topic/Forum subscriptions, emoticons, administration interface, Postgres or MySQL back-end, localization and many more options.

zForum is based upon the well respected forum for Zope - fcForum (same developers).

zForum in Plone is a unique combination in a sense that zForum does not require its own "content types" since all of them are provided by the SQL/Python back-end and API, this allows zForum to be somewhat "autonomous" and in some ways not too "plone-aware". On the other hand, with just a few hooks (emulating zForum's "right nav" as one portlet or slot, zForum can be talking to Plone seamlessly (and sharing users).

zForum & Set-Up:

  • Add the zForum instance in ZMI (must select Plone option when adding zForum in Plone).

Plone Set-Up:


  1. Edit (Customize) ploneCustom.css and add <dtml-var "zforum.zUI['zforum_plone_stylesheet.css'](_.None, _)"> in its appropriate place.
  2. Enabling zForum in the portal-tabs section:
    • + Click on portal_actions
    • + Add new action, Give it a title, id (zforum), the URL will be something like string:${portal_url}/zforum",permission: View and Category: "portal_tabs"
  3. Add "here/zforum/zf_macros/macros/rightnav" to Plone's right_slots property

External Product Dependencies:

  • Either ZMySQLDA (MySQL DA) or ZPsycopgDA (Postgres DA)
  • CookieCrumbler (Although zForum will not add it since Plone already provides it)
  • MySQL 3.23 - 4.1 or Postgres 7.2.3 (Tested)


  • zForum's plone-enabled stylesheet grabs the color and UI properties from Plone's "base_properties".
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