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React (0.6.3)

by Ihor Berehulyak last modified 2009-01-08
Released on 2005-06-07 by Tim Morgan for Zope 2 under LGPL - GNU Lesser General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: development
React product provides an organizational structure and dispatcher for Zope-based web applications. The framework steals several concepts from the Ruby on Rails framework and attempts to provide a similar style of MVC organization in Zope.

Major features include:

  • MVC organizational structure and dispatcher that translates normal Zope requests into calls to controller action plus view template.
  • A simple object-relational mapper for external SQL databases that's meant to eliminate the need for dreaded Z SQL Methods.
  • Pain-free sending of email. Start by creating a normal web page (controller action + view template), then turn it into an emailing action by adding a few lines of code.
  • Ajax actions (implemented by the same library used by Rails .
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