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NauRP (1.0)

by cms last modified 2004-07-14
Released on 2008-12-12 by Naumen for Zope 2 under Other available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
NauRP v 1.0 is a lite ERP/CRM-system especially designed for small-medium enterprises as well as for concerns (chains) and holding companies across a single facility or across multiple locations fully integrated and easy to use

Managing a company as a hierarchy of resources and projects through direct vertical and contract horizontal management

Ensuring project-cooperation within a company’s staff, with suppliers and customers; planning and task appointment (target setting)

Performance analysis of project and system tasks (follow-up on task performance)

Managerial planning, budgeting and control including long- and short-term planning, urgent tasks sorting and performance analysis

Planning and follow-up on resources utilization (including HR), estimation of the cost of resources

Customer relations management, pre-contract works, fulfilling contacts and accounting

Supplier relations management, fulfilling contacts and accounting

Automation of the company’s business processes, including automation of telephone calls sorting


Modern Open Source technological platform, which includes a high level programming language Python, Z Object Database (ZODB) and the best application server Zope

Open Source system codes: NauRP is distributed under its own license registered in OSI (, which makes the product extremely secure and reliable. It also minimize the cost of ownership of the information system and allows not to depend on the only distributed of concrete software

Zero cost of the license will allow you to increase the number of employees without additional expenditures

Full-scale web-interface allows working with the system from any location. It is taking your office with you to every spot on the globe.

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