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ZSVG Graph (1.2.0)

by cms last modified 2009-01-12
Released on 2005-01-19 by Andrew P. Ho for Zope 2 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: development
ZSVG Graph allows dynamic generation of user-customizable Graphs, Charts, Diagrams

SVG is quite easy to use but requires a graph-making API to really make it into a convenient graphing toolkit. So, this is what I have cobbled together - a very limited beginning but already quite useful for our needs. Since ZSVG_Graph may be useful even without the rest of the OIO system, I decided to release it as a stand-alone product after initially including it in the OIO snapshot release on August 15, 2003.

  • Just like the OIO software, ZSVG_Graph is being distributed under the terms of the GPL: Gnu General Public License.
  • We started with "2D horizontal bar graph", "2D horizontal line graph", and "2D pie graph". If you are able to come up with other graph_style(s), we will gladly add your graph_style to the library. :-)
  • Please play with ZSVG_Graph hosted on our server by clicking the Demo link above. If you think it is promising, download and use it. If you know of something that works better, please send me an email with your suggestion. You can reach me at the email address below or through the open-outcomes-general mailing list.
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