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ReplaceSupport (1.02)

by Ihor Berehulyak last modified 2008-07-07
Released on 2008-12-12 by Plone Solutions for Zope 2 under Zope Public License (ZPL) available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
ReplaceSupport adds search & replace functionality to Zope objects that live in the ZODB. A "Replace" tab is added to the ZMI of Folders and folderish objects, that allows to locate Zope objects and replace strings in these objects.
Replacement is carried out by handlers created for the individual object types. Handlers for standard Zope objects are provided by default: DTMLMethod, DTMLDocument, PythonScript, PageTemplate, and ZSQLMethod. Handlers for other objects types can very easily be created. See HANDLERS.txt in the product directory for more.
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