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IssueTrackerProduct (0.6.6)

by Ihor Berehulyak last modified 2009-01-16
Released on 2005-04-30 by Fry-IT, Peter Bengtsson for Zope 2 under Zope Public License (ZPL) available for All platforms.
Software development stage: development
IssueTrackerProduct is an issue/bug tracker web application
By default, an IssueTrackerProduct instance allows anonymous people to get access to almost everything. They will be able to add issues, list issues and post followups to issues. Only users with the Manager role will be able to change the status or delete issues. If you look in the Properties tab of your IssueTrackerProduct instance you will notice there's a lines type property for which roles means "Manager". If you have other roles assigned to Zope users (e.g. Supervisor) you can add that to this property and then people with the Supervisor role will be able to changes status and delete issues too.

If you want to switch off the anonymous access you can disable the View permission for the Anonymous User in Zope's Security tab. You can also go to the Management tab of the IssueTrackerProduct instance and click the Users sub-tab and there you'll find a button to "Disallow anonymous access". Under this sub-tab you will also find the options for Issue Assignment.

If you want to use Issue Assignment, you have to have at least one user defined in an Issue Tracker User Folder which you have to set up either inside your IssueTrackerProduct instance or somewhere in it's parent acquisition path. From the Management->Users tab you will be able to "black list" those users who should not be assignable. This could happen if a team of people are using an IssueTrackerProduct instance but you want only the developers to be assignable.

Since the 0.6.1 version, when you install the IssueTrackerProduct you also get an object type called Issue Tracker User Folder. It works like the default Zope User Folder except that it has some more features. It also stores the full name and email.

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Trouble working with Plone

Avatar Posted by Varun at 2009-11-10
Error type: NoACLAdderError
Error value: No ACL user object found

Apparently - this product cannot be used with Plone which is a big downer. Sad - very useful by itself but no integration means No use.

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