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CMFonFive (1.2.1)

by Ihor Berehulyak last modified 2009-01-16
Released on 2005-07-24 by Tres Seaver, Lennart Regebro, Rocky Burt for Zope 3 under Unavailable License available for All platforms.
CMFonFive is a product that provides integration between CMF and Five.
CMFonFive 1.2.0 provides support for using Zope 3 menuItems as CMF actions, and it also provides a CMF skin layer that bridges some more of the standard slots between Zope 3 and CMF than the default CMF 1.5.2 template-bridge does. Much of the integration earlier being done by CMFonFive has with CMF 1.5.2 been moved into CMF proper. This means that CMFonFive is no longer required to run Five products under CMF, although it provides some improved integration. It also means that earlier versions of CMFonFive do not work with CMF 1.5.2, instead CMFonFive 1.1.0 should be used.


Five 1.0.1 or 1.0.2
CMF 1.4 or 1.5.

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