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CMFRevisionManager (0.1)

by cms last modified 2009-01-16
Released on 2004-09-08 by Pan Junyong for Zope 2 under Zope Public License (ZPL) available for All platforms.
Software development stage: development
CMFRevisionManager is a light weight revision management product for CMF/Plone. It is a wrapper of RevisionManager and RevisionObjects for CMF/Plone.

It provide a simple UI to syncronize CMF contents and CVS Files. Also, it brings all CVS version feature to CMF/Plone.

All these products are located at:


  • based on mature Products: CVS and RevisionManager
  • compatible with all CMF Contents those support WebDav
  • install and play, no adapters needed
  • support two way syncronize:
    • CVS->ZODB: edit via CVS and update it to CMF/Plone.
    • ZODB->CVS: edit via CMF/Plone and checkin to CVS
  • all cvs features: history, revert, diff
  • you can control where and what to be revisioned


  • add a RevisionManager content throw CMF/Plone.
  • configure the RevisionManager
    • configure the server and client as what RevisionManager does
    • set versioning enabled portal types
  • map cvs files to CMF contents, or,
  • you will find you versioning enabled content have a new versioning tab. You can do all versioning operations there.
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