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BackTalk (0.3)

by Ihor Berehulyak last modified 2009-01-08
Released on 2002-08-07 by Zope Corporation, Chris McDonough for Zope 2 under Public Domain available for All platforms.
Software development stage: development
BackTalk is a document editing, commenting, and publication system for book-like content.
  • Content is authorable via Structured Text. Structured Text is plaintext that is provided with structure via the use of indentation and simple inline symbology. For instance, to embolden a phrase, you surround the phrase with **double asterisks**, to make something show in a "literal" sort of font (e.g. code), you surround it with 'single quotes', etc.
  • Content is organized inside a container named a "Book" while the logical chapters of the book are created in "Documents". You may change the ordering of the documents in a book and of course insert new documents into a book structure, etc. Most of this management is done via the Zope Management interface.
  • Documents are individually editable via FTP and WebDAV.
  • The web view of a Book will automatically provide a hyperlinked table of contents and simple "back-forward-up-next" navigation between documents in a Book.
  • A Document is a collection of paragrahs (as decided by structured text).
  • Each paragraph in each Document supports the addition of comments through a web interface as well as through direct text entry in the Structured Text source.
  • A Book supports a printable rendering to PDF with or without the inclusion of comments.
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