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Kupu Toolbar Customization

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2010-05-18

This article applies to Kupu 1.4 and Plone 3.0, Plone 2.5, Plone 2.1

We recommend you to watch Kupu Toolbar screencast.

A usual Kupu toolbar looks this way:


It consists of the buttons, each of them suit this or that purpose. Their functions and buttons are described in a Kupu Button Index chapter.
In case you don't use some of the buttons, there is no need for them to be on the toolbar. You can exclude them from the toolbar, so that they don't interfere with you.

To do this you have to enter Site Setup, find kupu-visual-editoramong Add-on Product Configuration, press on it. In the opened toolbar righthand choose toolbar tab:

Options suggested allows you to customize Kupu toolbar according to your needs. You may choose Global button visibility that allows you to enter an expression to control the visibility of all buttons together. Go lower and you will find Button visibility:

Here you can select those items you want to be displayed on the Kupu toolbar. Or remove ticks from those you don't need.
At the beginning of this article there is a toolbar-screenshot with all the possible icons included.

Now let's, for example, remove ticks from:

  • decrease quote level button
  • increase quote level button
  • insert anchors button
  • subscript-button
  • superscript-button
  • text color-button
  • background color-button
  • insert-table button
  • definition list button

Don't forget to save the changes. What we get in Kupu toolbar - is a descended customized toolbar without those buttons we've excluded:



In case you need just several buttons you work with, let them be: bold-button, italic-button, html and zoom

buttons, there is no need for you to have a big toolbar with all the buttons. Then you have to remove all the ticks from the list (button visibility) except the ones needed. And a new toolbar is exactly what you need:



  • there are some buttons that go together like Bold/Italic group, Subscript/Superscript group, that's why you have to select the group and each button separately. Otherwise buttons will not be visible on the toolbar.
  • 'Styles pulldown' box has always be selecteded, otherwise a Kupu error will emerge.
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Spell Checker

Avatar Posted by Rizwan at 2007-11-27

I am not sure spell checker works or not as i tried n its show when page load n then disappear i suppose it hidden n won't consider configuration...although i might be wrong..

some times my page body content disappear as well..

any ideas???

Adding buttons

Avatar Posted by Alain Knaff at 2009-02-06
This tutorials shows how to remove some of the buttons.

However, what would be interesting is if there was a possibility to _add_ new buttons (for instance, for colored or extra-sized text). To do this, you'd supply a picture for the icon, and some html tag with CSS class for the modified text. Would this be doable?

Adding buttons

Avatar Posted by Olha Pelishok at 2009-03-03
Your idea seem to be good, but all the above mentioned functionality can easily be done via Styles drop-down menu. Go to Kupu configuration area, add new Paragraph Style and describe its behavior in ploneCustom.css. Find out more about it - in the article about adding new kupu styles[…]/styles

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