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Introduction to Kupu visual editor

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2010-05-18

This article applies to Kupu 1.4

Watch Introduction to Kupu screencast, presented by Quintagroup.

What is Kupu?

Kupu is an open source client-side editor for Firefox, Netscape and Internet Explorer. Inspired by Maik Jablonski's Epoz editor, it was written by Paul Everitt, Guido Wesdorp and Philipp von Weitershausen to improve the JavaScript code and architecture, standards support, support for webservers other than Zope (which was the original target platform for Epoz), customization, and other issues.

Kupu's features:

  • Kupu is easy to integrate into a variety of CMS.
  • Kupu can be easily customized and extended in several ways.
  • High-tech and up-to-date Kupu uses CSS in favor of HTML for layout and presentation.


Table of contents

The following is a list of Plone Book chapters that concern Kupu visual editor:

Document Actions

Adding a New Button of Snippet Code

Avatar Posted by Greg Miller at 2010-01-11
I appreciate all the content here, and would like to request some additional info on how to add a button with new functionality to the Kupu toolbar. In my mind this is similar to the table button where a code snippet (or grouping) could be inserted in the Kupu Visual Editor view.

It looks like it would be possible, but I can't seem to find any documentation available that would explain it.

(Note that I've posted a similar request at forum.) Apologies if this is already out there somewhere. Many Thanks and I appreciate all the hard work that has gone in to this technology. You guys rock!

Greg Miller

Re: Adding a New Button of Snippet Code

Avatar Posted by Olha Pelishok at 2010-01-11

We've already faced this problem some time ago, but this doesn't seem to be a trivial task. It looks like this functionality could be possible and would be very desirable, but it is not predefined by default Kupu properties. So, possibility to add new buttons requires extra development from Kupu development team.


Link Problem

Avatar Posted by Rose Schooff at 2010-05-25
I have a page with just a list of links and if I edit one of the links it's hard to tell (graphically) where the link above ends or closes (</a>) If I happen to get "inside" of the </a> by mistake all of my links become just one big link and if you don't see this happening you lose all the work you've done. I know how to do it manually, but other users do not. I have tried going to the end of a link and using my arrow keys to get out of the </a> to start a new link but sometimes visually I just don't see the difference. Any suggestions or how to tell a user to know when a link ends or begins?

Re: Link Problem

Avatar Posted by Olha Pelishok at 2010-06-29

I would recommend you switching to the HTML mode when having troubles with links insertion via Kupu, in HTML mode you will always have control over links beginnings and endings.

Good luck,

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