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How to Create FAQ page with Kupu Anchors

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2010-05-18

This article applies to Kupu 1.4 and Plone 3.0, Plone 2.5, Plone 2.1

We recommend you to watch Insert Anchors with Kupu screencast.

FAQ is an abbreviation for "Frequently Asked Question(s)". The term refers to listed questions and answers, all supposed to be frequently asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.

With the help of Kupu, you can easily create a pretty-looking FAQ for your Plone site.

The 'Insert anchor' icon allows you to create links that point to other sections within the same page.


Follow these steps to create your FAQ page:

  • Suppose you want a page with such a look: an index of 9 FAQ titles at the top of the page, and the corresponding entry for each FAQ below (example FAQ).
  • Format the titles for each entry as a 'subheading'.
  • Move your cursor to the beginning of the first entry, click the 'Insert anchor' icon.
  • In the following window, choose the subheading that you want to link your question to. In the case of the first question - select the first line.
  • Click OK.
  • Perform the same steps for each of the remaining questions.

To see the way a typical FAQ page works go here.

In addition to creating simple links within the document, Kupu anchor drawer also allows to generate table of contents for the current document. Suppose we have a document with info, displayed this way: short passages with titles (subheading), and the text (normal):


Let's create a table of contents for this document and place it the top of the page. For this go to page edit, cursor should be placed there where table of contents will be, i.e. in this example at the very top of the page. Click on 'Insert anchor' icon on a Kupu toolbar. Select 'Table of contents' tab in the opened window:


Here you can select one or two (optional 2nd style) paragraph styles, on which basis table of contents will be generated.

There is a box next to 'Numbering', that allows making table of contents as numbered list (if selected) or unordered list (if not selected). Here you can also choose Table style (normal, heading, subheading etc.).

Let's select Subheading paragraph style, none optional style, toggle all our subheadings, make our table of contents numbered list, and Discreet table style:


Thus, what we get is:


In this example anchor window includes three tabs: 'Link to anchor', 'Manage Anchors' and 'Table of contents' tabs. In case you installed 1.4 Kupu and any of these tabs is missing, go to Site Setup -> Visual Editor. In Kupu Toolbar Configuration select Toolbar tab. Among the list of Kupu buttons find anchor button, that has two tabs: manage-anchors-tab and table-of-contents-tab:


Mark the necessary box (boxes) checked, and save the changes.

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