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Content Management Software Info: Improvement

One more stage of website reorganization is over.

Content Management Software Info website has gone through the next stage of reorganization and renewal. Following the changes that were made last year, we continued to improve our site.

Most attention was paid to making Plone Products section more useful and informative. What we managed to implement so far:

  1. More Products Screenshots. Screenshots were added into products description pages for better understanding the product with the first look (e.g. Plone Tabs, Plone True Gallery). 
  2. More Themes Screenshots. Plone Themes and Skins section listing was expanded with skins screenshots. So now while searching for a necessary theme in this category you can see theme look immediately without need to visit every theme description page. 
  3. More Products Categories. Some product sections like Other and Development tools were reorganized: new product categories were added for better division of products, according to their featured. New Plone categories that have recently been created are the following:
    • Import and Export - containing products for managing import/export operations in/out of Plone.
    • Navigation and Menus - containing products that are used for implementing advantage navigation on Plone sites. These products make it possible to create drop-down menus, several-lines navigation tabs, extend navigation portlet etc.
    • Rating and Evaluation - containing tools for rating and evaluating of content on Plone websites.
    • Theme Deployment - containing products for creating Plone skins: tools that allow to inspect your Plone site, implement some special visual features, change colors or borders shape, etc.
    • Third-party Integration - containing tools that allow integration of Plone with other powerful systems like Salesforce, Paypal, etc.
    • Workflow - containing products for managing workflow process in Plone.
  4. More Products Descriptions. Every Plone category now has a short description, in which it goes about what products are included into it and what purposes can its products be used for.

Hope you like and appreciate our work! If you have any comments on our work or suggestions on more site improvement - feel free to contact us any time.
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