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Renovated website has gone through a number of transformations during this year. Now it's time to sum up all that was carried out to improve this website usefulness and effectiveness.

Site Migration

First and the most important thing that was done to is its successful migration from Plone 2.1 to Plone 3.1. That migration case was a topic for Quintagroup's Plone Conference 2008 talk presented by Vitaliy Podoba in Washington in October. Such a migration from Plone 2.1 version to 3.1 version without intermediate major Plone 2.5 version was accepted as a huge step forward - quantum leap. migration was the first, and still successful implementation of carrying out Plone sites migration to new Plone versions.

Advanced Product Search

After fulfilling the migration to Plone 3, it became easier to implement advanced product categorization and search, which was not supported in previous site version on Plone 2.1. New feature called Product search can be reached by selecting one of the site's top tabs. Faceted Navigation product was used to enable advanced product browsing by certain criteria. Products can now be browsed by CMS supported version, their authors and developers, or their software type.

Rating system

Site visitors can now rate products by 4 categories: Features, Reliability, Ease of Use, or Documentation. This is very convenient for situations when you first face a new Plone product. You might rely on other people evaluations to make decisions on whether use this or that product or not.


So, welcome to our renewed!

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