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workspaces vs teamspaces in Plone

Small thread from Plone users list about workspaces and teamspaces

Small thread from Plone users list about workspaces and  teamspaces

David Bain:

  • The workspaces at are they the same as teamspaces?if not, how are they different?
  • What is the great benefit of workspaces versus ordinary member folders?

Rocky Burt:

To be honest I've had more success with Teamspaces than Workspaces (I've used both).  Teamspaces does bring a slightly new concept to the table (teams) for Plone but is worth it in my opinion.  I've ran into issues when using workspaces with CMFMember, for example.

Also, I'm not entirely sure workspaces has been updated to work on Plone 2.1 (I haven't used it on any plone 2.1 sites yet) but I know there's a beta or final release of teamspaces that does.
Rob Miller:

i'm pretty sure they're completely different.  teamspaces are containers that allow for heightened priveleges for certain users (i.e. team members).  it was designed for flexibility, to be able to model complex organizational structures.

workspaces, which i know less about, i believe are a type of virtual folder, where users can add content that will then end up in another location.  you'll notice that when you add a news item in your workspace on, it actually ends up in the 'newsitems' folder.  this allows multiple folks to contribute to a central location, but it does so via a "window" into that location rather than by managing security in that location.

"great benefit" is subjective.  for some use cases member folders might work better, for others workspaces.  i've not used workspaces at all, am not even sure my description above is 100% correct, so i won't try to answer this.
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