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Add Content in Plone

by Olha Pelishok last modified 2010-05-18

This article applies to: Plone 3.0, Plone 2.5, Plone 2.1

Plone has a range of content types available. There are some that are available by default:



  • collection (Plone 3.0.x)/ smart folder (Plone 2.5.x) - an automatically updated stored search that can be used to display items, a special folder that dynamically contains content based on criteria specified.
  • event - information about the upcoming event which can be displayed in the calendar;
  • file - an external file uploaded to the site;
  • folder - it may contain other items;
  • image - an image which can be referenced to in documents or displayed in an album;
  • link - a link to the internal or external recourse;
  • news item - an announcement that will be shown on the news portlet and in the news listing;
  • page - a page in the portal which may contain rich text;

Besides these, quite a number of items can be expanded to any you need. For that you have to install the corresponding products to your Plone site. The number of available item is really huge. Here is the description of some of them, those which are frequently used:

  • blog folder - a folder to store blog entries;
  • blog entry - this item can exist inside a SimpleBlog Folder or an Entry Folder;
  • ploneformmailer - this product integrates formulator and CMFFormcontroller;
  • portlet - a portlet will be displayed as Plone portlet in the left or right column.

Then, after you've installed corresponding Plone products, drop-down menu became expanded:




Restrict button allows you to restrict the number of visible items. You may hide those, that are installed to your Plone site, but are not used frequently.

New content is added to Plone site this way: a manager of the site clicks on add item (add new...) button, and chooses the one item needed. Then the necessary fields are filled in and the new item is already on site.

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