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Ploneboard Forecast

Two threads from Plone Users List about Ploneboard product:


Juliann asked:
I know that we're waiting on a stable release of Ploneboard in order  to get message forum functionality for 2.1.*.  Several sites are  using alternate forum software, such as we have heard this week.

I have an organization that is looking for a CMS but message board  integration is vital and they don't see the point in patching  together two systems to get the performance they are after.  They do  have a few weeks before the site needs to have forums, so could wait  if Ploneboard really is forthcoming soonish.

So, does anyone have an estimate of when Ploneboard will have a  workable release?  I'm not looking for "When there's enough money" --  that answer means "No, we don't have any idea."

I'm really lobbying for Plone but there is no budget and limited  programmer resources so if there's no forum available within the next  2-3 months that's a complete deal-breaker.

Martin Aspeli answered:
Plone Solutions are refactoring this (see psol-refactor branch of  Ploneboard), which probably means they'll polish it up. Helge & co may be  able to provide some more estimates.

Alexander Limi answered:
We have a project involving Ploneboard now, which means it will get some  love and tender care. I'm not entirely sure of the deadline for this work  (involved in a different project at the moment), but I assume you should  be able to see a release during January/February.


S├ębastien VINOT asked:

I used CMFBoard on the previous Plone but unfortunately it does not work
properly anymore. Does it exist such "nice" forum for Plone.

Alexander Limi answered:
Short answer: no.
Longer answer: Plone Solutions are working on a project where one part of  the architecture is improving Ploneboard. So you should see something  sometime around February, would be my guess.

S├ębastien VINOT asked:
Thanks for the answer, even if I would have prefer a yes  ;)

I would love try to build one "by my self" but if this will be redundant
with a plone-solution's nice tool, I'm not sure my work will help
someone (except myself and my fun).

Do you think I should "wait and see" or -try- to make a product (maybe
it will be on if it is not too bad) ?

Raphael Ritz answered:
Ploneboard is a collective project (including Plone Solution's refactoring - the psol-refactor branch) so if you, Sebastien, (or anyone else) want to get your hands dirty, I suggest you get in touch with Helge Tesdal to see where you can help him.

I'm sure there are quite a number of people waiting for
a proper forum product for Plone ;-)

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