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Plone 2.1 released, good choice for enterprise content management

This release of Plone focuses on Archetypes-based default content types, user interface improvements, speed improvements and new navigation tree/site map.

"Plone 2.1": was officially released The list of new and improved features is long, but some of the highlights include: - SmartFolders. Better default views, including built-in photo gallery views - Improved CSS architecture - LiveSearch. A great “live search” feature that incorporates AJAX scripting technology. - A new framework for multilingual content - Huge usability improvements - Archetypes 1.3.4 - ATContentTypes 1.0.1 as default content types - GroupUserFolder 3.4 - CMF 1.5.3 - Kupu visual editor 1.3 - Local role blocking (PLIP16) - Right-to-left language support - 100% performance improvement over Plone 2.0.5 - 1400+ Unit and regression tests - Sites deployed with Plone can easily conform with government standards for website accessibility as the Plone interface is compliant with Section 508 and WAI-AAA standards. - For enterprise users, user and group management features allow sophisticated security configurations. User data can come from many external sources, including LDAP, Active Directory, or relational databases. - Add-ons give you "out of the box functionality" in mere seconds for FREE! - And a lot more Plone 2.1 works with Zope 2.7.7 and Zope 2.8.1. Note that developers recommend Python 2.3.5 as Python 2.4.1 is not yet certified for use with Zope. You can download the Plone 2.1 tarball from A Windows installer will follow shortly. If you have problems with 3rd party products (i.e. products not included in the Plone tarball) please contact the product authors directly.
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