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CMFPhoto and Plone 2.1

Tom Lazar describes his experience in migration from Plone 2.0.5 to Plone 2.1.

Original article is located on Tom Lazar's blog: CMFPhoto and Plone 2.1

As previously mentioned, the only real hiccup I had when migrating this site from Plone 2.0.5 to 2.1 was dealing with CMFPhoto. Since I couldn't find any information regarding this issue (and was too lazy to ask the respective authors...) I simply did what I always do in such cases: make guesses and apply the good ol' scientific approach known as Trial & Error...

So, what I've learned is this:

  1. CMFPhoto is broken under 2.1 in such a way, that you can still access the actual images (by entering the complete URL, or via WebDAV) but photos linked to using the <img src="..."/> won't show up and accessing scaled versions using the /variant/xxx scheme are also broken.
  2. The default Image type in 2.1 (ATImage from the ATCT Product, actually - three cheers for ATCT, everybody! Thank you...) is capable of scaling but uses a different naming convention. Digging in the source revealed the following sizes:
                   sizes= {'large'   : (768, 768),
                           'preview' : (400, 400),
                           'mini'    : (200, 200),
                           'thumb'   : (128, 128),
                           'tile'    :  (64, 64),
                           'icon'    :  (32, 32),
                           'listing' :  (16, 16),
  3. To access these sizes, append /image_XXX to the URL, where XXX is one of the above sizes.
  4. To migrate existing Albums and Photos you can download a folder via WebDAV, delete the Album on the server and re-upload the album (which is now a folder). You'll still have to adjust any old-style references to scaled versions, but hey... it's a start....
  5. Choosing 'photoalbum view' in the new 'display' menu when inside a folder containing images will result in the good ol' PhotoAlbum view from the CMFPhotoAlbum product.
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