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'Professional Plone Development': book improvements

'Professional Plone Development' book written by Martin Aspeli was published by Packt Publishing. This company's official website has a special support section, where a customer can download the code or support files, view errata and amendments, send feedback. This is a place where readers can share their thought about the book. It is possible to send any feedbacks or suggestions concerning book improvement here. There is a special errata form to complete in case any drawbacks were discovered. Any kind of feedbacks on the book overall are also welcomed, any suggestions about how to improve it are also taken into consideration.

Apart from content and summaries of each chapter from the book that are now available on 'Professional Plone Development' Free Online Edition, you can also see a list of the latest updates for the book.

It is really very good that there is a possibility to gather all the improvements together. Readers all over the world can improve the book all together. The editors could collect all the improvements and release, at least, e-book with corrections.

Quintagroup has contributed to Martin Aspeli's book errata correction as well. For example, Vitaliy Podoba has noticed and posted the following misprints from the book:

1) misprints:
  • page 242 Contains a typo in the third paragraph, the first sentence:
    'The code in is similar to thaat of the other views in the browser sub-package...'
    mistake is in the word 'thaat' - double 'a' should be deleted.
  • page 176 Second sentence in the first paragraph in 8 section (Views and Other Presentation Components) contains the word 'outlned' instead of outlined.
2) broken code:
  • page 66 Code example line at Class declaration TestDocuments, method definition testSetTitle :
    self.assertEquals("New title", self.folder.d1.Title()
    assertEquals method called without close parenthesis. The correct code should be:
    self.assertEquals("New title", self.folder.d1.Title())
  • page 202 Last three rows of code example:
    # This turns a list of title->id pairs into a Zope 3 style

    vocabulary return SimpleVocabulary.fronmItems(items)

    directlyProvides(CurrentFilmsVocabularyFactory, IVocabularyFactory)
    'vocabulary' word should be in comment line, and the second line should begin with 'return' word, and the last line: directlyProvides... should begin with decreased line indentation (out of function body)
  •     def CurrentFilmsVocabularyFactory(context):
    """Vocabulary factory for currently published films
    catalog = getToolByName(context, 'portal_catalog')
    items = [(r.Title, r.UID) for r in
    # Turns a list of title->id pairs into a Zope 3 style vocabulary
    return SimpleVocabulary.fromItems(items)
    directlyProvides(CurrentFilmsVocabularyFactory, IVocabularyFactory
    Thus, the changes to make are the following:
    1. make the comment shorter so that it fits on one line
    2. second-to-last line should start with 'return'
    3. outdent the last line so that it is aligned with the outermost "def".
  • page 204 In 'Field and Object Validation' section third paragraph, second sentence:
    'It is not very hard to register your own generic validators - see Products.ATContentTypes.validators for several examples ...'
    path to 'validators' module is good for importing but actually validators code are placed in 'Products.ATContentTypes.lib.validators'.

  • The correct line should be:
        - see Products.ATContentTypes.lib.validators
  • page 229 Third piece of code first line:
  • >>> from Products.PloneTestCase.setup import portal_owner from
    word 'from' at the end of the line should begin second line of session.

If you have any ideas concerning 'Professional Plone Development' book improvement, or probably you have noticed any misprints or mistakes in code - share your ideas with Plone community. All together we could make this documentation excellent.

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Official errata site

Avatar Posted by Martin Aspeli at 2007-11-14

I would appreciate it if people could stick to using Packt's official errata process at and not use blogs and mailing lists for this. This is because Packt will incorporate the changes into the official manuscript. Since they print on demand, the changes will be made in subsequent prints, benefitting new users. It also gives us a single place to manage the errata, so that we don't forget to incorporate any into a second edition, should there be one.

Thanks, Martin

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