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Ploneboard product, how to catalyze Ploneboard development

Jon Stahl and Marshall Mayer started initiative to catalyze Ploneboard development process.

Plone User List:  Jon Stahl (ONE/Northwest and
Marshall Mayer ( started initiative
to catalyze Ploneboard development process.

Jon Stahl, Marshall Mayer:

Like many of you, we have long been frustrated with the lack of a solid,
moderately-featured forum product for Plone.

With the release of Plone 2.1 and Ploneboard 0.1 beta 1, we believe that the
time is ripe for the Plone community to pull together the technical, human and
financial resources needed to help grow Ploneboard from a promising first
release into the best-of-breed forum solution for Plone.

With that goal in mind, Marshall Mayer of and I have started
pulling together some ideas for community-oriented process that we hope will:

-- Catalyze the development of a requirements document that defines features and
capabilities for future releases of Ploneboard
-- Pulling together the funding necessary to support Ploneboard development work

We've written up our initial thoughts at

We're only just getting started; everything is open for discussion.  Our first
task is to find out who else is interested in joining the conversation, and to
get the process underway.  We invite you to read our initial thoughts,  identify
yourself as someone who's interested in this topic, and to contribute your
comments, ideas, etc. 

Our vision is of a community-driven process that builds on the great start that
Ploneboard already has. We're not hardcore Plone developers, and we're not
interested in in starting yet another forum project.  We're power-users and
Plone-powered website developers, and we feel that the best way we can "scratch
our itch" is by attempting to jump-start a process that will aggregate the needs
and resources of the Plone community and allow the many talented folks who've
already gotten Ploneboard this far to do even more great work --  and to
continue plugging new people (including users!) into the process.

Our friend and colleague Brian Gershon of RagingWeb will be attending the Plone
Conference this weekend -- he would love to talk more in person with anyone
who's interested.  (We wish we could join you all in person, too!)

Very nice idea. I have a lot of problems with CMFBoard (empty titles, unable posts for anonymous, etc.). I'd like to add Forum to ContentManagegementSoftware.Info but CMFBoard is not suitable for me. It's really great initiative.

The problem is even in basic functionality that is important for standart website: WYSIWYG editor, Poll, Blog Newsletter, Forum, Contact Forms, Photo Gallery, Events, News, etc.

I see that there is a problem with Forums and contact forms (PloneFormMailer is a good tool but it is unusable for users),  for Plone. Plone 2.1 solves a lot of problems for WYSWYG editing and Photo management... I hope after several months we will have such polished products that  users will not be able to say that some PHP based CMS (Typo3, Mambo, Drupal, Xaraya, etc) has better (more featured)  addons then Plone. Well, tay be PloneMall will take more time to be complete then OsCommerce :-).  Yes! Plone is used  as Enterprise solution, but it is also very good for simple websites. I suppose that it's  important in marketing purposes.

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Ploneboard problem in discussion

Avatar Posted by Amar Nath Sinha at 2008-02-25

Ploneboard problem in discussion : When we discuss with ploneboard the discussion message show in last not in latest show

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