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  • Plone product AT Managed File (1.0.5) by Enfold Systems, last release: 2008/12/12 06:30:00 US/Eastern, review updated: 2009-02-17 10:07:10
    ATManagedFile store files on the file system while keeping a content representation in Plone.
  • Plone product FileSystemStorage (2.6.5) by Ingeniweb, last release: 2010/04/13 17:00:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2010-04-20 03:39:44
    FileSystemStorage (FSS) is an Archetypes storage for storing fields raw values on the file system. This storage is used to avoid unnecessary growth of the ZODB's FileStorage (Data.fs) when using a lot of large files.
  • Plone product Products.ExternalStorage (0.8.1) last release: 2011/05/12 17:00:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2011-05-18 04:24:28
    An add-on product which provides an extra storage for Archetypes.
  • Plone product PloneExFile (4.1.0) by Ingeniweb, last release: 2008/04/17 17:00:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2009-02-17 10:06:02
    PloneExFile is a replacement content type for the usual File (ATCT or CMF) with additional features for the file types supported by AttachmentField (MS Office, PDF, OpenOffice)
  • Plone product FSDumpTool (0.1) last release: 2004/12/11 17:00:00 US/Eastern, review updated: 2009-02-26 05:31:20
    FSDumpTool is a CMF tool for exporting and importing content between the filesystem and the ZODB.
  • Plone product Products.ExtendedPathIndex (2.8) by Jarn, last release: 2010/05/01 17:00:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2010-05-07 02:17:14
    Extended Path Index is an extended index type based on the Zope index type that has additional query methods that are especially suited to generating navigation trees, site maps - and also supports querying a single folder, something the standard PathIndex can't do.
  • Plone product Plone DB Flay database browser (0.4.4) last release: 2008/06/27, review updated: 2008-07-01 10:45:04
    plonedbflay generates a simple - but productive - web interface for Posgresql databases. The target user is a secretary, rather than a database administrator. (You will need a database administrator to configure the script initially.) plonedbflay lets users view data, edit data, copy data, and delete data in multiple databases.
  • Plone product mxODBC Zope/Plone Database Adapter (2.0.0) last release: 2010/03/25 17:00:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2010-03-29 06:20:09
    The mxODBC Zope / Plone Database Adapter allows you to easily connect your Zope or Plone installation to just about any database backend on the market today, giving you the reliability of the commercially supported product mxODBC and the flexibility of the ODBC standard as middle-tier architecture.
  • Plone product Alchemist (0.2.1) by ObjectRealms, last release: 2006/12/04, review updated: 2008-05-29 06:00:59
    Relational Database integration for Plone. (Any release before 1.0 should be handled with care, all disclaimers apply)
  • Plone product FRS - Plone File Repository System (0.1) last release: 2007/03/07, review updated: 2008-05-28 15:57:33
    An open, scalable file system based content storage for Plone.
  • Plone product icNews Acquire (1.0) by Inter-Cultura, last release: 2008/06/21, review updated: 2008-06-24 13:57:38
    Collects news from remote sites and stores them in a SQL database. These stored news can be accessed with RSS.
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