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Bebop (0.6)

by Ihor Berehulyak last modified 2008-12-25
Released on 2008-12-12 for Zope 3 under GPL - GNU General Public License available for All platforms.
Software development stage: development
Bebop is a Zope3-based groupware that tries to combine collaboration support and content management with a user-friendly interface. It allows to switch between a traditional desktop metaphor and a blog perspective on the contributions of the group members. Group awareness aspects (e.g. who is online, who works on what, what's new, etc.) are seemlessly integrated into the user's local workspace.

A standalone client that overcomes the shortcomings of web-based applications will be the major focus of the Bebop project. The client is written in wxPython and currently runs on Windows, MacOS X and Linux. With this new client the user experience will differ drastically from solely browser-based groupware solutions:

  • It's instantly apparent who's working in the same group, who is online and sharing the same point of view.
  • Every modification of the shared workspace is propagated to the clients in real time. No page refreshes are necessary.
  • Drag & drop works as expected. One can put multiple files and folders via drag and drop into the shared repository. Future releases will allow to invite users into groups by dragging their portraits or names. Similarly, objects can be sent to other group members by dragging them onto portraits and names. Simply drag and drop things where you want them to be. The system determines what action is closest to your goal.
  • Changes are visualized before they are accepted. Deletion, for instance, is marked by strike-throughs and not by the removal of objects. This ensures that every group member can see the relevant modifications.
  • All content objects can be edited on the local file system with standard applications (office applications, programming tools etc.). All modifications of local files are immediately recognized and can be synchronized with the server later on. Accordingly, the interface visualizes which parts are out of sync.
  • Bebop cooperates with existing tools and does not supplant them. The users still work with the office programs, the email-clients, and editors they are accustomed to. But the burden of keeping track of versions and, more importantly - potential version conflicts is taken by Bebop.
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