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Plone Themes and Skins products for Plone

by chervol last modified 2010-04-21
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List of the ready for use Plone Themes and Skins products for Plone.

The following are Plone products used for changing your Plone website look and feel. These are Plone themes and skins, aimed to make your site unique and special.

The most popular Plone themes are listed on Themes and Skins Products for Plone page.

Plone product Plubrick (0.1) last release: 2005/07/07 17:00:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2008-12-18 10:40:54
Plubrick is a visual theme for Plone, based on the popular Kubrick for WordPress template by Michael Heilemann.
Plone product (1.0.1) by Simples Consultoria, last release: 2008/10/30, review updated: 2008-10-30 12:28:06
This product is an installable Plone 3 Theme developed by Simples Consultoria for the World Plone Day initiative, promoted by Plone Foundation.
Plone product Hamnavoe (1.0.1) last release: 2008/10/07, review updated: 2008-10-08 14:30:33
An installable theme for Plone 3x
Plone product AnthillPublicView (1.0) last release: 2008/09/21, review updated: 2008-09-22 14:38:19
This Product is a showcase on how to integrate a public view into Plone 3.x.
Plone product Free Arch theme (1.0.2) last release: 2008/08/27, review updated: 2008-08-28 11:34:25
Free Arch theme
Corporate site theme for Plone 3.1.
Plone product ShareTone Desktop (0.4.0) last release: 2008/01/23, review updated: 2008-05-19 12:07:37
ShareTone Desktop
A virtual desktop with icons, menu, and floating windows.
Plone product Nonzero (1.0) by Emerge Technology, last release: 2008/05/17, review updated: 2008-05-19 10:15:47
A three-column theme for Plone 3.X based on the Nonzero design by NodeThirtyThree.
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