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Navigation and Menus products for Plone

by chervol last modified 2010-04-21
category: Plone products
List of the ready for use Navigation and Menus products for Plone.

The following list includes additional Plone products that can be used for implementing custom navigation on your Plone site. Apart from default Plone navigation portlet, breadcrumbs line and search engine, they allow you to extend your site navigation capabilities. These products make it possible to create drop-down menus, several-lines navigation tabs, extend navigation portlet and more.

See rating list of all Plone menu and navigation tools on Navigation and Menus Products for Plone page.

Plone product Sprout (0.2) by Enfold Systems, last release: 2007/08/15 17:00:00 GMT-4, review updated: 2009-02-10 04:47:48
This product extends the Plone navigation tree with a few commonly requested features, like setting the navtree root, changing the portlet title, setting max depth, and more.
Plone product qSiloGroup (0.5.0) by Quintagroup, last release: 2009/01/29 17:00:00 US/Eastern, review updated: 2009-02-10 04:25:14
Silo Groups product allows to set Custom Titles for site navigation items. It aims to fill the niche off advance SEO techniquies of content assembling.
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