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Open Source Content Management Software

List of the ready for use products, modules and plugins for open source Content Management Systems.
Zope Products (119)
audio (1), blog (2), books (1), calendar (3), chat (1), communication (5), content (6), database (7), development tools (31), e-commerce (5), e-learning (1), email notifications (2), forum (3), internationalization (1), mailing list (1), other (32), photo gallery (6), user management (7), video (2), webmail (1),
Plone Products (1146)
audio (7), blog (10), books (6), calendar (23), chat (7), communication (25), content (142), database (10), development tools (79), e-commerce (13), e-learning (14), email notifications (8), forms (28), forum (8), gis and maps (14), guestbook (2), import and export (14), internationalization (20), links (14), mailing list (9), navigation and menus (22), newsletter (9), other (227), photo gallery (26), poll (7), portlet (66), rating and evaluation (6), search (17), skins (106), syndication (6), theme deployment (27), third-party integration (39), tracking management (7), user management (54), versioning (3), video (19), webmail (9), widgets and archetypes (18), workflow (16), wysiwyg (9),
Zope product TinyTablePlus (0.9.1) last release: 2007/10/30, review updated: 2007-12-25 12:42:22
TinyTable with update capability
Zope product BetterSiteErrorLog (0.2) last release: 2007/07/23, review updated: 2007-12-25 12:27:13
The BetterSiteErrorLog is a Zope product monkey patch that makes the error_log more useful.
Zope product Exception Formatter (1.0.0) last release: 2007/03/16, review updated: 2007-12-25 11:29:45
The django.contrib.exceptionformatter package provides an alternative traceback formatter for Django.
Zope product LDAPUserFolder (2.6) by Dataflake, last release: 2005/11/30, review updated: 2005-12-07 16:31:18
The LDAP User Folder is a user folder replacement for Zope that authenticates Zope users against LDAP.
Zope product Issue Dealer (0.9.89) by Nidelven IT, last release: 2005/09/25, review updated: 2005-10-18 11:06:06
Issue Dealer is a issue management tool featuring a weblog publisher (client), weblog (server), WebDAV client, WYSIWYG editing of HTML and Images and more.
Zope product Five (1.1) by codespeak, last release: 2005/09/04, review updated: 2005-10-18 10:55:59
Five is a Zope 2 product that allows you to integrate Zope 3 technologies into Zope 2, today.
Zope product MailingLogger (2.5.0) by Simplistix, last release: 2005/10/05, review updated: 2005-10-18 10:53:32
MailingLogger allows configured entries from the event log to be mailed to a list of configured recipients.
Zope product MailManager (2.0-rc2) by Logical Progression, last release: 2005/06/27, review updated: 2005-07-05 10:06:21
mailmanager helps you improve your organisation's email customer service and cope with increasing volumes of email.
Zope product GroupServer (0.1rc1) by GroupSense, IOPEN and ZYPE, last release: 2005/05/02, review updated: 2005-05-13 19:08:41
GroupServer is a GPL open source collaboration server. It supports many-to-many interaction in groups and communities via email and an integrated web forum interface.
Plone product PilotFormation (0.1) by Pilot Systems, last release: 2005/04/05, review updated: 2005-05-03 07:59:18
PilotFormation product was designed to handle trainings. It support both actual training sessions and general training programs.
Zope product ZTimingHooks (1.0) by Longsleep, last release: 2005/04/01, review updated: 2005-04-28 11:59:11
ZTimingHook is a monkey patch for zope which add time measurement to the request. This render-time can then be displayed into the resuling page.
Zope product Clarity (not released) by codespeak, last release: 2008/12/12 13:28:14.286 GMT+2, review updated: 2005-04-19 11:26:39
Clarity integrates ClearSilver templating into Zope 3
Zope product Fle3 (1.5.0) by Learning Environments for Progressive Inquiry Research Group, UIAH Media Lab, University of Art and Design Helsinki, last release: 2005/04/04, review updated: 2005-04-04 12:19:45
Fle 3 is a web-based learning environment. Fle3 is server software for computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL).
Plone product ZVProduct (0.2) by Pilot Systems, last release: 2005/03/09, review updated: 2005-03-25 05:36:57
ZVProduct was made to handle release of softwares. It is used on Zope Village to manage the contibutions.
Zope product CPS (3.3.2) by Nuxeo, last release: 2005/03/10, review updated: 2005-03-11 14:18:30
Nuxeo CPS is an extensive collaborative Web content management system (CMS) implemented on top of Zope and the CMF. Nuxeo CPS enables organizations to easily, quickly and efficiently implement collaborative intranet, extranet or internet applications.
Zope product DeadlockDebugger (1.0) by Nuxeo, last release: 2005/02/23, review updated: 2005-02-24 13:15:15
DeadlockDebugger adds a hook so that a deadlocked Zope process can be debugged, by dumping a traceback of all running python processes. The dump is sent to the event log (at the DEBUG level) and returned to the browser (even though the Zope is deadlocked and doesn't answer any other requests!).
Zope product ZWeatherApplet (1.51) by Conseil Internet & Logiciels Libres, last release: 2008/12/12 13:28:09.103 GMT+2, review updated: 2005-01-27 18:36:48
ZWeatherApplet by default only displays a subset of the weather information. You can access much more methods to display exactly what you want
Zope product Spell checker (0.7) by EIONET, last release: 2008/12/12 13:28:11.526 GMT+2, review updated: 2005-01-03 00:22:53
spellchecker that checks webpages. You give it the URL you want to check and it displays a list of unknown words with suggestions.
Zope product Message Board (1.2) by EIONET, last release: 2003/06/20, review updated: 2004-12-15 17:27:08
Messageboard product lets you create a board for messages. People can post, see and reply to messages or replys to messages.
Zope product ManagedMeetings (1.1p2) by EIONET, last release: 2004/03/23, review updated: 2004-12-15 17:23:01
ManagedMeetings product lets you administer meetings. You can announce meetings based on different criteria, let people sign up and send email to all participants.
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