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Restricting content types in Plone

Small tip from Plone Users List. How to restrict content types in some folder.

Takahashi, Michael:
I’d like to be able to restrict news items so that they cannot be added throughout the entire site, except for in a folder called “news”. This folder will be the only place to add news items.

I am using Plone 2.1.1 with Zope 2.8.2.

This is what I have tried.  Throught the ZMI, unchecked “Implicitly Addable?” for “News Item” under portal_types.  Now “News Items” cannot be added throughout the entire Plone Site.  Great!  BUT, now I want to be able to add my news item in “Restrict addable types”, but since it was unchecked in the ZMI, this of course cannot happen.

Any suggestions?

J Cameron Cooper:
Create a new type "NewsFolder", as a copy of "Folder", and turn on type filtering and explicitly allow "News Item". Then create the 'news' folder as content of this type.

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